Marina Kisko

Personal trainer


About Marina

I eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness. It has formed the foundation of my social, academic and working life for as long I can remember.

I have real passion for training and it's probably my most important trail.I believe in what I do and I work extremely hard in order for u to come out of this progress happier, more confident , healthier and more importantly with the physique you want

From a young age I've been always involved in sport. From age 6 I've been into Judo until I was about 12 . From age 21 I start to go to the gym and lift weights. After that I trained for 5-6 years and decided to compete in a local bodybuilding show and I won.

After that I got qualify for the British final in Toned Figure and I won again.

Since that year I'm competing every year and my biggest achievement was in 2015 when I was competing at BodyPower at Birmingham and I came top 3 at body fitness class .


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Level 1 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge

Level 2 Fitness & Instructing and Gym Based Exercise

Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

Level 2 Understanding the care and management of diabetes

Level 3 Personal Trainer